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The company focuses on versatility aluminum cases and LED display box design, development production and sales, you can customize various options to meet customer demand.

Main products: Aluminum, LED display box, LED display cabinet, LED display boards, air boxes, cosmetics cases, metal toolbox, equipment boxes, chip boxes, rod boxes, beauty salons me, barbecue box, medicine box, gun box , jewelry boxes and other products.

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智能家居物聯網係統演示箱最新流行土豪金模型箱智能導航演示箱 導航功能展示箱,拉絲鋁外箱樓宇智能控製係統演示箱 LED展台-032016新品首發 小巧抗摔型燈具展示測試箱EYD128DC-13P-02型LED展示箱EYD68DC-13P-02型LED展示箱

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導航儀功能演示箱 | 模型箱 | 智能家居演示箱 | LED展示箱 | LED展示櫃 | LED航空箱 | LED測試箱

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      Shenzhen  ENYUDA Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D of LED fluorescent lamp, production and sale of the company from beginning to end LED fluorescent tube as a flagship product, to optimize product structure, improve product performance, of such T8LED lamp 270 degrees super luminouspoint of view, a unique slot positioning, T5 lamp with bracket and built-in power have created a first of its kind in the history of LED fluorescent tube manufacturing, Our LED fluorescent products become legendary in the industry cost-effective products.

     Green bright future of humanity requires everyone to work together to create the spirit of "sharing and win-win" concept, ENYUDA person at the same ...

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Shenzhen ENYUDA Technology Co.,Ltd

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FAx:+86-755-28303007 or 29969885

Factory Address:Building 3, Tongyi Industrial Park,No.351,Jihua Road,Buji Town,Longgang District,Shenzhen,China
HongKong office: C, 15th Floor, Building Jiali,No.18,Tangwei Road,Wangjiao,jiulong,HongKong


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